Monday, January 22, 2018

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METIS project is set up by leading global players to prepare the migration from today's mobile systems, focused on human communications, towards tomorrow's multi-purpose global communication infrastructure, serving humans and things.

The main objective of METIS is to lay the foundation for, and to generate a European consensus on this future global mobile and wireless communications system. METIS will provide valuable and timely contributions to pre-standardisation and regulation processes, and ensure European leadership in mobile and wireless communications.

METIS will provide fundamentally new solutions which fit the needs beyond 2020. Research will be conducted on network topologies, radio links, multi-node, and spectrum usage techniques. Horizontal topics will be used to integrate the research results into a system concept that provides the necessary flexibility, versatility and scalability at a low cost. The METIS concept will be evaluated, and a roadmap will be generated.

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