Monday, January 22, 2018

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Recent years have witnessed a massive penetration of cellular telephony in developing countries.However, isolated rural areas (inhabited by low-income population) have generally been disregarded because classical access and backhaul technologies do not assure the return on investment. As communication is crucial in human development, finding innovative solutions to connect these areas is an utmost necessity.

TUCAN3G proposes to study, from the twofold technological and socio-economical perspectives, the progressive introduction of mobile telephony and data services in isolated rural areas of developing countries, by taking advantage of new wireless technologies for the access network (based on 3G femtocells, and its evolution to 4G) in outdoor scenarios, as well as WiLD (WiFi for Long Distances)-WiMAX-VSAT heterogeneous backhauling.

Those promise to be key in the development of inexpensive, sustainable, energy efficient, self-organized and long-term self-sufficient solutions that result in a profitable business case. The project also proposes the installation of a demonstration platform in the Peruvian jungle to verify the solution, enable the verification of business model hypothesis and results, and serve as a general showcase.

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